Human decency

Is saying hello to passers on your nature walk human decency?

Is me wanting to love myself and practice self care a radical insult to you if you want me to wave?

Because I feel the same about your needy energy that I feel from down the block

Pulling me to ask myself

Is it simply human decency to say hello to passers on my nature walk or can I just look down and think?


You want to heal?

But think the world is too negative?

I have a challenge for you.

Be the good.

Do the good.

Experience good.

You’re given 24 hours in a day they are not promised.

If you suffer from anxiety and depression my challenge is for you to take it millisecond by millisecond and ensure you’re spending your time wisely.

Your relationship with life and every relationship for that matter is only ever going to be as good as what you bring to the table.

Life is your friend having a house party.

I’ll bring the ambrosia salad.



Is still hate and against my morals



A word that British people call cigarettes

And some people call gay people

Because they used to roll us up alive in rugs and set us on fire like a faggot

But it’s ok

They used to use the word sissy for us and now that’s a term of endearment

Don’t say faggot if you’re not a faggot.


4 Behaviors to Avoid In Your Relationship

Written by Dr. Eric Perry “When she asked him whether it was true that love conquered all, as the songs said. ‘It is true’, he replied, ‘but you …

4 Behaviors to Avoid In Your Relationship

Hey all this doctor is one of my new favorite blogs do you think these behaviors are worth finding the root of? Or simply disengaging in them all together is enough? I don’t want to be sweeping anything under my rug anymore




Breathe out

It used to bother me when people would tell me to do this when I was having meltdowns

But what you don’t realize is it at least I didn’t realize is that you’re having meltdowns because you didn’t prepare

You must save up your calm like a calm tank

And you must constantly work at keeping that as full as possible when you’re like me

Because you never know when someone’s going to come by and steal your gas

But be like tank girl

Safeguarding yourself and belongings

Or like mad max

They can’t have the gas

If you breathe for a couple days and let some time pass

I promise you’ll be shinin’ like new glass.


things I will never understand

Why ‘straight’ men adjust and scratch themselves so much while talking to me

calculating tax

How phone company’s were able to switch to us now paying $1500 for an iphone

where all the chopsticks go



It’s a beautiful thing

Give it a try

Try the thing you think is the lamest in self help

It’s usually the most helpful and your body just gets into a state of not wanting to help itself anymore

You can heal yourself

You can do anything

I love you anyone who reads this

And we got this.


Some things I have to remember about myself

You would suck Adam Levine’s dick even if he turned into Bradley Coopers character in A Star Is Born. You just say you hate him because you think that makes you more desirable that you don’t dawn over the man everyone else does.

Also Alive by Krewella was an amazing song that got overplayed but I think it’s ironic to replay it again today.

Just that rn.


First things first



How are ya?




Introductions can be daunting as fuck for just about every person I’ve ever met and yet here I am some sick masochist of night trying to introduce the world to the fuckery going on between my ears on top of my shoulders.

The connotation behind the term first has lingered in my generation or so I’ve witnessed since early grade school. No one ever wanted to go first to present a project the cultivation of all of their work. I felt like a freak. why were these people eager to hide their doings while I would volunteer to go first. I want to get it over with us how I’d justify my eagerness to set the bar extremely high for no one else to be able to graze. The teacher always says you get a better grade going first I’d continue to justify further.

You’ll grow to find I love synonyms and antonyms I cannot pick a favorite of the two. To have a group of words that mean the same thing yet carry different connotations is an incredible concept to this b/w ear chatter.

The introduction is the first. The first glimpse into my minds eye. And here I am 20 years older than when I’d volunteer to go first and I’m quaking in my boots. I figured for 27 years I’d be getting to know me doing work setting the bar extremely high for no one to graze, etc etc

In a way they wouldn’t teach you in school, high is almost like a synonym to introduction and first with an extremely different set of connotations. I’d get high every single day for about 5 entire years of my life. That’s almost twenty percent of my life currently with most of the other eighty percent being in school. But in ten years it’s only going to have been thirteen percent of my life thus far. And ten years after that when I’m 47, it will be a mere ten percent of my life thus far.

And thus with one swift blow, my life has changed by giving up marijuana, cigarettes, coffee, and changing to a more active lifestyle and plant based eating habits I was able to think with clarity I have not had since my first memories of deep thought.

Time is one swift blow. Time is a constant wind gust in life sometimes directly to your gut and other times sitting pretty beneath your wings.

Perspective is another swift blow. It takes time to build a perspective that benefits you however when you finally can begin to grasp your own perspective, with one swift blow other perspectives begin to also make sense.

As I walked along a street driven countless times, a young seemingly lost deer darted from the woods yards in front of me. He had modest small antlers and a coat that shined in the sun showing each and every striation of muscle. The yellow flowers on someone driveway he chose for lunch as I watched in awe such a beautiful creature seemingly present for only my eyes. Modesty is important and so is accepting the beauty that life holds.

thank you for your time

I’d appreciate your perspective